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As part of your implementation and installation process of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™, you will be assigned an Implementation Manager(s) who will guide you through the installation of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ at your practice. Our Implementation Manager will consult with you on hardware and network concerns, as well as on medical records and the other key areas of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™. Our Implementation Manager will work with you to get your system up, get you trained, and using AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ as quickly as possible. The cost of your hardware and network is based on the needs of your practice. We work with you and your network vendor to ensure you purchase the most economical and reliable system to efficiently manage the AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ application. Each practice is different. The most important thing to remember is that your network and hardware will be the heart of your system.


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Minimum Server Requirements

  • Intel i5 series quad-core processor (or better)
  • 80+ GB hard disk
  • 4 GB DDR2/DDR3 RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2008™
  • Tape backup system and software
  • Uniterruptible power supply with UPS-control software
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps capable network card
  • On-board graphics card to display Windows 7 themes


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Workstation Requirements

  • Intel i3 quad-core processor (or better)
  • 80+ GB hard disk
  • 4 GB DDR2/DDR3 RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Professional or later
  • LCD Monitor (1024 x 768 dpi minimum)
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps capable network card
  • At least one workstation should have a modem if automated faxing is desired
  • On-board graphics card to display Windows 7 themes


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  • For optimum use, such as faxing, you will need a modem on at least one workstation.
  • To allow us to support you in the most effective manner possible, it is recommended that you consult your IT professional for a suitable remote control solution. Our support team is knowledgeable in many of the various technologies available to you.
  • You MUST have a backup software application, such as Veritas Backup, to insure that you can regularly and reliably back up your data. It is also suggested that you routinely verify the integrity of the data.
  • Laser printers are recommended for printing invoices, estimates, client communications, referral communications and customized reports.
  • A label printer is needed if you want to print pharmacy labels. We can provide viable and cost-effective options for you.

AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ is unique. It can work on state of the art technology or with computers you may already have as long as they meet the minimum requirements. However, as with any software, the faster the processor and the higher the amount of RAM, the faster the system will run.

AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™can work in a wireless or cabled environment. Each type of environment has its unique needs and abilities. Animal Intelligence Software, Inc. (AIS) consultants can work with you and your network vendor to determine the best option for you.

At AIS, we believe in developing solid team relationships not only with our clients but also with their network vendors. This team approach ensures that the client’s technical needs are met in a timely and complete fashion.

Both Local Area Networks ( LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) can be used in the AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ network configuration. Regardless of the type of system, we recommend switches, instead of hubs. Our goal is to meet your needs.