Veterinary practices can generate $300,000 to $600,000 worth of revenue when operating full-time.

Veteran performing checkup on dog

A veterinary Practice Solutions system is similar to any other operational and collaborative customer relationship management (CRM) software, except that it’s dedicated for vets and contains medical elements built-in in the software.

A veterinary clinic is like any other hospital where immediate care is needed for living beings or animals. Managing the inflow, care, medication, assigned doctors, and prescription to an animal can be challenging. Veterinary software makes it easy for you.

Features of a Veterinary Practice Management System

While several features make up veterinary software, here are the essential features that offer added value for the operator:

Medical Treatment Procedure

A well-documented medical treatment history is essential for doctors to analyze a patient’s history, create a treatment plan, view progress, and decide if they wish to continue with the treatment.

Embedding Lab Results

By incorporating electronic lab results directly into the software and a pet’s profile, the doctor and the pet owner can conveniently view the results without any delays and decide on a treatment plan and tenure if necessary.

Data Storage

The ability to store a patient’s data in the veterinary management software enables doctors to fetch previous data, patient’s dietary plan, medical treatment, and much more without wasting any time.

Ability to Customize

Each doctor has their own way of interacting with software. The ability to customize templates and have all customizable lab results, invoices, medical history, and other options is a blessing.

Generate Bill

With data integrated into the software regarding billing a particular treatment, the software can automatically generate an invoice, avoiding any additional workforce.

Integration of Payment Options

With a plethora of payment options these days, the software can support APIs of multiple payment gateways (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.) This removes the element of cash and streamlines the payment structure.

SMS & Email Support

With the integration of text messages and emails built into the software, the veterinary staff can instantly reach out to the pet owner if there is an emergency or provide routine updates. The same feature can also be used for future marketing campaigns and lead generation.

Detailed Insights

Our renowned veterinary hospital management software system generates reports while providing insights to the staff regarding improvement and fixes.

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