The global veterinary telehealth market is currently worth $92 million, expected to grow to $417 billion by 2028.

Veteran doing online consultation

COVID-19 pandemic caused many veterinarians to limit contact with clients that that damaged businesses and left too many pets unattended. Soon federal government relaxed their VCPR and telemedicine legislation to make telemedicine widely accessible.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of electronic mediums and telecommunication to provide healthcare services from a distance. It could be done staying at home, in a different city, country, anywhere in the world. The rules and legislation under which the healthcare providers can use telehealth can vary based on different states.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Veterinary Telehealth?

Due to COVID-19, many businesses had to shut down or change their way of practice. While it had no such impact on healthcare services, it did reduce the number of patients a veterinarian can see per day. That’s damaging for the business in many ways.

However, here are few other reasons why you should consider it:

Increased Client Demand

If you can serve ten patients per day while operating from the office, you can service maybe 20 patients in the same time frame as a telehealth provider. The young generation is tech-savvy and prefers easy alternatives for their day-to-day needs.

Less Fatigue

The process of managing hospital tasks and appointments can sometimes get quite exhausting. Making time to call clients to ask some routine questions is an added task.

From the client’s perspective, not every pet owner has the time to rush home and bring the pet to the clinic for a checkup. Having an option of telehealth makes their work easy. The veterinarian can check the pet online and prescribe medicine or call in the next day if it requires a further physical examination.

Increased Revenue

Telehealth allows you to have an additional revenue stream for online appointments just like you would for an in-house appointment. The first examination can be online to save your time and the clients. If something seems serious, the veterinarian can call the patient the next day for further examination.

Veteran offering telehealth services

There are the top three reasons to motivate any vet software to offer telehealth services. However, your telehealth services won’t be as efficient without vet practice management software supporting the cloud. You need the ease to access patient details from anywhere in the world. Our cloud-based veterinary practice management software, AIGalaxy, and AIGenesis, allows you to do so.

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