How can a veterinary practice managers or owners ensure that they are doing everything to improve client communications and increase income? AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ can help you improve communications with your clients in the following ways:

  1. Easily Make InClinic and Virtual Appointments

Based on the past nearly 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual appointments have increased in the veterinary industry so quality patient care is a priority. In AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ you meet with your clients and patients via virtual telehealth appointments to ensure timely patient care and personalized client meetings.

  1. Hassle Free Payment Processing

We have integrated credit card processing within AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ to make submitting online payments easy directly from client smartphones or computers. The pandemic, while challenging, has made our payment processing easier. Clients can simply pay their invoices while waiting in their cars or from home after a telemedicine appointment using the integrated credit card processing available in AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™.

To eliminate no-shows, some practices are implementing a deposit policy to reduce lost income. AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™. Our integrated credit card processing allows clients to make their deposit payments prior to their appointments, ensure less no-shows.

  1. Eliminate No-Shows with Appointment and Medication Reminders

In a recent survey by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, over 50% of respondents indicated higher numbers of no-shows since the pandemic started. No-shows result in lost revenue and lost client connections. Reducing no-shows should be a priority. If your practice has 3 full-time veterinarians, no-shows can cost you $178,200 annually assuming a no-show rate of 11%! The no-show rate for telehealth visits during the COVID-19 pandemic was 7.5%. While the telehealth “no-show” rate is lower than the in-clinic visit “no-shows”, no-shows mean more than just a gap in the schedule, it equates to a significant loss in revenue. No-shows can influence staffing and client loyalty.

AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ can help you reduce no-shows by automatically sending a simple text (SMS) message reminder automation is a solution to significantly increase attendance rates for upcoming appointments. With added automation, it saves time while ensuring client communication and better bottom lines. With added automation, Animal Intelligence Software, Inc. Cloud-based applications save staff time while ensuring client satisfaction and increased revenues. Sending SMS messages using AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ is a cost effective way of helping reduce no-call/no-show appointments. Contact us today for a demo and to learn more!!