Mobile Practice Solutions

With AIVet Mobile™, you can quickly and easily take your client/patient information and medical records with you when visiting patients out in the field, even if you don’t have internet access. AIVet Mobile™ has the same core functionality as AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ with the creation of true SMART Electronic Medical Records, Invoices, Estimates, Reports, Communications, as well as adding NEW clients or patients. At the end of your field visits, you can easily transfer all the records, invoices, and communication history to your main hospital database assuring accurate synchronization between the two.

Features and Benefits

Medical Records

AIVet Mobile™ offers a comprehensive medical records system, that creates premier medical records designed to fit all your needs and save you time.

        • See all past medical record history for the patient
        • Automatic charge input on the invoice/estimate without even opening them
        • Automatic calculations within your medical records, including m2
        • Create customized prescription labeling automatically from entering into the medical record



Create professional letters that are fully customized, personalized, and automated letter generation based on each medical record entries group. Easily print or email out all your letter communications for the patient visit.

Invoices and Estimates

No need to write paper invoices or estimates when out in the field when you can easily generate an invoice or estimate directly in AIVet Mobile™. Then when you are back at your main hospital, simple transfer over the invoice and estimate history to your main database to keep an accurate account history for your clients.