Are you considering going needle-free technology in your veterinary practice? We’d highly recommend the same! You can prevent your pet clients from several zoonotic diseases and chemical exposure by introducing needle-free devices in your practice.

Here’s why you should consider using needle-free technology in your veterinary practice.

Two veterinarians operating on a bird

Less Painful

Needle-free devices can help target selected parts of animal organs, including high and low-dose injections causing minimum pain. Since some animals are particularly aggressive and energetic, you’ll be able to better cater to them when they’re in for vaccination.

By making use of transdermal needle-free injections, you can reassure apprehensive clients that their pets will be in good hands and will experience the least amount of pain during their examination, treatment and vaccinations.

Strengthens Immunity

You can administer better care to your pet clients by using needle-free devices. How so? For one thing, animals show a better immune response after undergoing vaccination with needle-free injections compared to conventional intramuscular devices.

Reduction in Injuries

You’d be surprised by the number of veterinarians who’ve been accidentally stuck by a needle. Not only can you eliminate the possibility of needle-stick injuries by using needle-free technology, but you can also eradicate broken needles and disposal these injections, reducing overall medical wastage.

Lowers Transmission of Diseases

Using needles to treat your pet clients can also reduce the chances of blood-borne diseases that are vertically transmitted through injections and ease administering medical care.

Three brown puppies in a street

Improved Animal Welfare  

The skin is better adapted to vaccination given it comprises of several resident immune cells. What does this mean for your veterinary business? Since there are fewer immune cells in the muscle, they’re unable to contend with antigens and pathogens, which is why needle-free devices can better suit your pet clients.

More Efficient

If you’re willing to pay for the cost of needle-free technology, you’ll save considerable time and tend promptly to ill or injured animals. It can make the process easier for you and your clients with less time spent administering drugs, especially hazardous ones.

Lower Vaccine Volume

Needle-free devices have a fixed volume of intradermal vaccination, which can help spread the liquid horizontally. This ensures that the vaccine goes to the targeted organs and tissues, unlike a larger volume that would cause a deterrence and go elsewhere.

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