1. Why You Need To Go Paperless For The Sake Of An Efficient Veterinary Practice

    As a veterinarian, you need to be beyond thorough when it comes to keeping your clinic clean and organized. A cluttered clinic could put off prospective clients, which is the last thing they need during an already hard situation. As a result, more and more veterinary clinics are shifting to paperless methods of processing. You can transform your average day and make it much more productive, relaxi…Read More

  2. Superior Support: What Makes AIS Different From Everyone Else

    While it’s true that doctors play a vital role in the healthcare system, it would be insensible to overlook the role that support staff plays. Hospitals with efficient nurses, technicians, and administrative staff provide better care overall. Period. Similarly, the practice management software in your organization is only as good as the support systems around it. Animal Intelligence Software, In…Read More

  3. Responding To the Coronavirus Outbreak: Why Telemedicine is Important Right Now

    The threat of the Coronavirus has forced every industry to think of alternate ways of working. With an increasing number of countries opting for strict social distancing regulations and lockdowns, it is natural that operations are impacted. Veterinary clinics are no exception; while there are no reports of COVID-19 impacting animals, it can be deadly for pet owners. Gathering in hospitals in huge …Read More

  4. How to Win Over New Customers at Your Veterinary Clinic

    According to Veterinary Services Global Market Report 2018¸ the veterinary industry is growing at a rate of 6.2% every year. This is being fueled by the growth in the number of pet owners, more people getting pet insurance, and the rise of pet humanization. Pet owners want the best services at affordable prices. But how do veterinary practices differentiate themselves from others and win over cu…Read More

  5. AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™: Which Solution Best Fits Your Practice?

    Veterinary practices all over the US are upgrading to cloud software solutions. AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ are just two examples of veterinary practice management systems. Both programs were designed to help veterinary practices digitize and automate a majority of their routine everyday tasks. The goal is to give practices better control over their processes and make them more efficient. This, i…Read More

  6. The Ultimate Guide to Improving Animal Care in Your Veterinary Clinic

    As one of the biggest factors determining the reputability and growth of veterinary practice, animal care is ultimately each clinic's top priority. While your clinic may be decked in beautiful contemporary decor, if your animal care isn't up to par, chances are your clients won't be returning in the long run. We've rounded up some of the best ways to improve animal care to give you some inspiratio…Read More