1. Why You Need to Make the Most of Veterinary Practice Management Software

    A veterinary practice management software is designed to streamline administrative tasks and facilitate veterinarians in their daily practice to improve efficiency and provide better customer service. It comes with a bundle of features, all of which are designed to assists veterinarians and the clinic’s administrative staff in fulfilling their job responsibilities. Unfortunately, many vet pract…Read More

  2. 5 Tools You Need to Run Your Veterinary Clinic Smoothly

    Veterinary medicine is one of the noble professions on Earth, but it comes with a fair share of troubles. From treating furry patients to managing administrative tasks, there are lots of challenges that come along the way. It can be overwhelming, even for experienced veterinary practices. Here are five tools you need to run your veterinary clinic smoothly: (more…)…Read More

  3. 5 Things Your Veterinary Practice Should Do To Thrive

    The field of medicine has undergone tremendous changes in the last two decades, and the same goes for veterinary practices. The number of pet owners around the world has increased, and there is a greater demand for qualified veterinarians today than ever before. This growth in demand has led to the development of more veterinary medical colleges in the US and Europe. That being said, independent v…Read More

  4. Why is Rural Veterinary Medicine Struggling?

    Residents of big cities think of veterinary clinics as a treatment center for their pets, but pets aren’t the only animals that vets are supposed to treat. In rural parts of the country, vets primarily treat livestock that serves as a source of milk, meat, eggs, wool, etc. Rural veterinary medicine is very different from what you see in metropolitan cities. Everything from the types of animals t…Read More

  5. Build Stronger Relationships with Clients and Patients With these Tips

    Unlike humans who can choose to book an appointment with a doctor whose services they were satisfied with, pets can’t let their owners know what vet they want to see. When it comes to veterinarians, it’s up to the owners to decide who provides the best treatments to their vets. Even though you’re not treating the owners, still, a large part of retaining clients in the veterinarian industry i…Read More

  6. Why You Need To Go Paperless For The Sake Of An Efficient Veterinary Practice

    As a veterinarian, you need to be beyond thorough when it comes to keeping your clinic clean and organized. A cluttered clinic could put off prospective clients, which is the last thing they need during an already hard situation. As a result, more and more veterinary clinics are shifting to paperless methods of processing. You can transform your average day and make it much more productive, relaxi…Read More

  7. Superior Support: What Makes AIS Different From Everyone Else

    While it’s true that doctors play a vital role in the healthcare system, it would be insensible to overlook the role that support staff plays. Hospitals with efficient nurses, technicians, and administrative staff provide better care overall. Period. Similarly, the practice management software in your organization is only as good as the support systems around it. Animal Intelligence Software, In…Read More