Eliminating revenue loss due to inventory waste and missed charges in a major issue in veterinary practices large and small.

Inventory control issues can result in over $87,000 in losses in 1 year for a practice. AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ can help you minimize inventory waste in the following ways:

  1. Use AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ to Track Inventory

AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ tracks all the items you have available, the speed and reasons they are used, compares usage rates across period, and helps you decide the correct and most cost-effective order quantity for an item based on its usage pattern.

  1. Seamless Inventory Management from Medical Record Entries

AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ are medical record centric practice management systems. Our clients see an approximate 30% increase in income from reduction of missed charges by using our medical record macros that are linked to our Inventory management features! Imagine a 30% increase in income AND a more accurate inventory system based on medical record entries! Missed charges lead to missed revenue, and you may be spending time trying to fix the wrong problem. AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ can help ensure that EVERY treatment, medication, appointment, and procedure are recorded and invoiced correctly and seamlessly – ensuring NO missed charges and an accurate inventory count.