What We Believe In

You know there are many ways to perform a surgery, work up a patient, or treat a condition. You also know that some ways are better than others – much better. How do you determine the best way? Through experience. We focus on the concepts of Six Sigma to improve all aspects of our software, our services, our team and our training.

Others claim to have our features, but others cannot claim to have our philosophy. What is our philosophy, and how does it make us the best?wp7d79cbd4_05_1a

Paperless Approach

Using Animal Intelligence can provide you a virtually paperless practice. In fact, we were the first paperless practice management system.

Doctor-Centered Approach

wpe522a566_05_1aAnimal Intelligence is an extension of the doctor. To increase profits, a well managed practice maximizes doctor productivity. Everything must revolve around the doctor, from quality care to improving process, including utilizing the best practice management software.
Each doctor is unique. Our philosophy is that doctors must not be bound or constrained by the limitations of a software. The AI™ medical records system works best when it is molded and shaped by the doctors in conjunction with practice managers to conform to the way the team practices. It is flexible and adaptable. Medical records can be as simple or as complex as the doctor desires.
The power of Animal Intelligence is in the results. Regardless of how each doctor “communicates” with the system, Animal Intelligence can take their input and automatically create discharge information. This minimizes or eliminates work for the rest of the staff, saving time and money.


Our software makes your practice look good. You can customize virtually all printed materials. Enhance your image. Stop sending the same information to the client and the referring veterinarian just to save time. Let Animal Intelligence automatically create a professional referral letter and clear discharge instructions as two separate documents in just seconds.


wp8dc00f7d_05_1aOur development team members are hands-on people … they don’t just sit in a cubicle. Our team spends time in practices to observe how our products are used in real-life situations, and gather feedback from our clients. We listen to the voice of the professional and use innovation to meet their needs.
If you want to be innovative – team with the innovators! Technology is constantly changing. Stay with software that grows with technology and grows with your practice needs.