A Word from the President

Software is dependent on IT and hardware technology. Over the years, there has been a rapid growth in the IT world and new gadgets – IPad, Smart Phones, Cloud technology – to name a few. Our world is becoming more and more dependent on the latest technology to make life simpler.

If you are interested in having our software available and integrated with the latest technology, we are here to listen and entertain the possibility of leveraging new development. Check out our new partner page and find out how serious we are in keeping up with the latest technology.

T. L. Driver, Ph.D.


wp1b98dfef_05_1aAIS’ President/CEO, Dr. Driver, comes with over 30 years of experience in Healthcare Administration and Public Service Leadership. His terminal degree is a Ph.D. in Administration and Management. He holds professional certifications and qualifications in Healthcare Law, Human Resources, Conflict Management, Mediation and Arbitration, and Six Sigma. He has 25 years of teaching experience at the university level in the fields of healthcare administration, leadership, medical records, and business management. He is an active member of the American Management Association and the American Academy of Medical Administrators. He is a retired senior naval officer, software programmer, practice manager, author, and professional speaker/educator.