Man talking to a veterinarian

The pandemic has brought significant changes to every field, including medicine.

People have shifted to the virtual medium to maintain contact with healthcare providers, educational instructors, distant family members and friends, and others.

Veterinary medicine has also gone through significant changes that have forever altered its future. Here’re some tools that are shaping veterinary practice today.


Five years ago, thinking of seeing your physician through a mobile device might have sounded ridiculous, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Pet owners turned to telehealth to ensure the well-being of their pets.

Online Scheduling

With a physical visit to a nearby healthcare facility becoming impossible, people shifted to online healthcare.

Online appointments are a hit feature of telehealth. Pet owners were able to reach out to veterinarians in no time without much hassle.

Accessible Medical Records

A doctor using an EMR veterinary software

Another tool that dominates the veterinary practice is the accessibility of medical records.

Practice management softwares save veterinary clinics from the trouble of collecting the patient’s medical history by providing all medical records in one place.

Trends in Veterinary Facility

Read up on some of the trends that are changing veterinary practice.

1. More Pet Adoptions

One of the significant impacts of stay-at-home and self-isolation precautions was the rise in pet adoption. A study finds that 38% of pet owners believed that their pets helped them cope better with COVID-related anxiety.

Veterinary facilities greatly benefited from this rise in pet ownership in terms of revenue, resource, and technology.

2. Embracing Technology

Veterinarians have turned to cloud-based practice management softwares to ensure better veterinary service and make their job easier.

3. Enhanced Veterinary Sustainability

Another feature of today’s veterinary practice is its positive impact on the environment.

A paperless veterinary software cuts down paper waste, reduces water consumption, and improves energy efficiency.

4. Virtual Events

With the whole world shut down, live events became impossible.

Veterinarians today conduct webinars, one-on-one virtual sessions, live content streaming, and more to stay connected with their patients.

5. Value of Community

The ongoing pandemic has made people realize the importance of collaboration and connectivity within the veterinary field and overall.

Today, veterinarians are dedicated to building strong customer care relationships more than ever. The goal is to make patients feel connected, heard, and cared for.

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