Building and maintaining strong client relationships is key to a successful veterinary practice. As a veterinary business, you’d be focused on expanding your customer base and dedicate resources to gaining new business. However, gaining new clients is not the only way for a thriving practice. Your existing clients are a good source of business, if you maintain a healthy relationship with them.

A good vet-client relationship is key for a healthy pet. Vet practices have realized the importance of having a good client relationship and have implemented technology such as veterinary CRM software to improve their client relationships. If you’re wondering how to improve and maintain a strong relationship with your clients, here are some ways you can build positive relationships.

Communication Is Key

The key to any healthy relationship is communication. Efficient communication should be made a priority in your vet practice. Even though you might be busy and have difficulty maintaining constant communication with your clients, take some time to find effective ways to communicate to your clients. A CRM software, such as the AIMedPortalTM, can be the perfect solution to solve your communication problems by providing easy ways to communicate with your clients.

Personalized Experience

Customers love a personalized experience, and as a vet practice, you need to ensure that you treat your clients as individuals. Even though your relationship with the client is professional, acknowledging them as an important stakeholder of your business, rather than a means for more money, will help you build an impactful relationship.

Clients appreciate a personal connection. They could already be under a lot of stress due to their pet’s current medical condition, and providing a good experience will ensure they come back to you for their future vet needs.

Provide Convenience

In utilizing the AIMedPortal™ CRM software, you receive access to have a client portal setup for your business that can be access via your website or social media channels. This provides you with an opportunity to stay connected with your clients in providing an easy way for them to book appointments online, pay for invoices sent out to them, view estimates created, and stay up-to-date with reminders/marketing promotions.


Create an amazing customer experience by delivering email and SMS campaigns to your clients that drives engagement and results for your business. Inside AIMedPortal™ CRM, you can easily create reminder/follow-up and marketing campaigns to help building a lasting relationship with your clients.

Schedule a demo today on the AIMedPortal™ CRM program to see how it can help build your client relationship experience!