Global cloud marketing is expected to be worth over $390 billion by 2028. All the systems and applications in the world are shifting towards cloud-based solutions. While some reasons are quite evident as to why cloud services are better, it’s also obvious that it comes at a fixed monthly cost which can be a little problematic for startup veterinary clinics.

The million-dollar question here is; are cloud-based veterinary practice management software worth adopting in your practice?

The Cost

Cloud-based veterinary practice management software is quite cost-effective when compared to the traditional server-based systems. While it does become an added fixed expense, it’s more manageable for startups with having a lower monthly cost and don’t have to invest in an expensive traditional server-based system.


Cloud-based veterinary practice management software offers a great range of flexibility. As long as your device has working internet, you can access the program from anywhere around the world. With operating in the Cloud, you can also operate the program on Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS device compared to traditional systems that require Windows devices.

Storage Space and Maintenance Requirements

Unlike the traditional server-bases systems, you don’t need to dedicate a physical space for having a server system in place. Moreover, traditional server-based systems require timely maintenance and updates to be done which is another added cost. With a cloud-based system you can save on physical space at your practice by not having a server. Also, all updates are handled for you and don’t have to worry about maintaining a server.

Auto Data Backup

Accidents are a part of life, and sometimes, they can’t be controlled. In a traditional server-based system, if your server crashes and proper backups were not maintained, data lose can be significant. With Cloud-based vet practice management software, if your server crashed and is no longer functional, you don’t have to live in fear of losing your precious data, as everything is backup in the cloud to secure data centers.

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